Hello sweet Mama,

If you’re reading this, it’s likely because you’re expecting a new baby.  You’re thinking about what your labour and birth will be like, and how life will be after your baby has arrived.  You may be wondering how you’ll get through it all.

I completely understand what you’re feeling because I’ve been there too (5 times)! And I’ve worked with many families who have gone before you. 

I want to reassure you that you can do this! 

They key is getting the rights supports along the way.  And this is where I come in. 

My name is Ibbie, and I am a certifying postpartum with Doula Canada.As a doula, my work is to serve you and your family in the sacred period that is postpartum. 

I support families with information, the practicalities of life with baby, preparing and maintaining their nest, emotional support, breastfeeding, infant care, postpartum recovery, and more. 

I am also a birth doula (trained through Pelvic Health Solutions), and a Certified Childbirth Educator (Gentle Birth Institute).  I am a pelvic health and perinatal physiotherapist as well, so I am able to bring all my knowledge and expertise to my clients as an additional service. 

I believe in a holistic approach to maternal health and I seek to care for the families with whom I work from a body-heart-mind-spirit framework. 

I am available to help you both in person and virtually and I have various service packages which I am happy to discuss with you at your convenience.

Please download my postnatal care and support pdf below to learn more and to get started.  




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